Everyone has an email address nowadays and most like mine have thousands of emails that haven’t been read, but how would you like to be enticed with being able to earn money to just open up emails and read them. I will explain how to in this article and what’s the best websites to do this on.

Why do companies pay you to read emails

Many of us are familiar with getting paid sites/apps where we may answer surveys or upload receipts but companies have moved into the realm of paying you to read emails. You ask yourself why and it’s simple. Advertisers want to give potential customers a reason to actually open their emails, and money is the key to most people’s hearts. Most of the time all that’s required is for you to open up emails and others are require a little more to verify that you are actually reading them. A simple task like answering a short survey or another simple task is asked of you at times.

How much can be made from this

When thinking about this know beforehand that this isn’t for people that are trying to have a major source of income, but to have some side money coming in. Depending on how many tasks you have in the email usually depicts how much you will be compensated. You can also make more money sometimes if you decide to sign up for trial offers or purchase something. You typically earn one to five cents per email so be prepared to do a lot of reading especially since you have to earn around $25 to cash out.

The best sites

You must be careful with doing this because some sites put malware, steal your information or simply put unrealistic cashouts and when you’re about to cash out they stop sending you emails.

Best sites


  • eligible to receive a $10 Amazon or visa gift card when signing up

Cashout- minimum $25

FusionCash- will get a $5 sign up bonus

Cashout- minimum $25

Which sites to avoid

These are sites to avoid due to low ratings and the possibility of wasting your time

Worse sites

Cash4Offers- you’d have to read 700 emails to actually see any money.

Cashout minimum-$35


  • you’d have to read 11,000 emails to be able to withdraw. Emails pay one cent or less gained per email

Cashout minimum- $11


  • some customers stopped receiving emails just before cashout

Cashout minimum- $5