Many people Have taken either Lyft or Uber and you basically get the same service from two different companies. When you need a ride you get on your smartphone and request a ride from the area that you’re an address that you would like to travel to. You have multiple vehicles and different levels to choose from when fetching a vehicle. When it comes to which one cost more I’m going to try to solve this question.

Key Similarities

  • Both services can be operated using a smartphone app. The drivers work basically whenever they have time and offers drivers the freedom to choose the riders they want.
  • Uber and Lyft both give the travel price estimator.
  • Both services allow the riders to make an addition of a trip when the ride ends.
  • Both companies offer times where workers can gain more than the usual fare depending on the rider’s demand.
  • Both Uber and Lyft offer drivers the ability to buy or rent a vehicle.

Key Differences

  • Uber is operated in 83 different countries across the world while Lyft is just starting its inter
  • Lyft has always had the tipping feature, but Uber did adopt this in mid-2017
  • My Lyft experience seems to be a little more fun and the drivers seem to enjoy their jobs while it seems like Uber comes off as more business type

Who pays more

Well to simply answer your question Lyft takes 20% as suppose to Uber taking 25% commission from each fair, but other factors need to be taken into consideration, like type of vehicle, operation expenses and the time duration for which you drive.

Booking fees

Uber usually charges $1.85 to $ 2.45 while the pick-up fee for Lyft is between $1 to $2. The city that you are using this service needs to be taken into consideration since the fees vary.

What is the average driver making

On average Uber driver earns up to $15.68 per hour while a driver at Lyft seems to have the upper hand and from working with them you can on average earn about $17.50 per hour.


Both companies offer incentives including weekly promotion, fuel rewards, and frequent driver bonuses.

If you’re trying to make a decision of what company you should work for I would suggest Lyft due to the average pay being higher than Uber. In the end, it’s about your financial well being.