How often do you need to rent a car when you travel? For me, it happens every time I travel.

It seems always to be a hassle when trying to get the best price for a nice car that you want to rent for just a few days. Taking a look at each rental car company, and nowadays there are about 10+ different rental car companies. Each company is now starting to come out with a reward system, but it doesn’t always get you the best price on the car.

There is a new way to look at renting a car that could be a side hustle for you and give you a chance when visiting a new city to rent something unique. While you hang out at home for the day or so, you can rent your car out for the day and earn some cash.

Turo is the newest way for you to make some extra money or rent a car without going through the rental companies. If you are looking to rent your vehicle, all you have to do is let Turo know when you don’t need your car, and they can try to rent out your car, and you can make some extra money in the meantime.

How much can you exactly make? Well, let’s just say you want to rent your car for four days a month and one day per weekend per month. And your car is worth $20,000. Per Turo, they are saying you can earn a whopping $2,261 per year just by renting out your car.

What about if they are in an accident? There is no need to worry about your car because Turo will protect it with $1 Million in liability insurance and against theft and physical damage. Heck, you can even be like the big rental companies and set a mileage limit, and you will always get your car back re-fueled.

It is entirely free for you to list your car on Turo, so what do you have to lose? Additionally, once you start making money, it will take you five days for Turo to pay you via direct deposit.

If you are looking for an alternative to the major car companies, go check out Turo. It might just be what you are looking to change up how you rent your car.