Becoming a freelancer has become quite common among millennials and the younger generations, as young people move towards autonomy in scheduling their time and travel. Check out these freelance jobs to see which one is right for you:

1.       Freelance Web Design- One of the best freelance jobs you can learn to do is building websites. Every company needs a good website, and there are plenty of small businesses who either don’t have a website, or their website is low quality. This also holds true for non-profit and religious organizations that don’t have tons of money to throw around. If you’re able to learn how to build quality websites efficiently, you can sell your services to these organizations for a competitive cost that still provides value to your bottom line.

2.       Freelance Social Media Management- Another solid freelance job is to manage the social media accounts of an organization. For those savvy in the art of social media, there is plenty of business to go around as companies look to maximize this powerful tool. Don’t have a lot of social media knowledge or don’t know how to get clients? Don’t worry, there are several online courses that can teach you everything you need to know.

3.       Freelance Graphic Artist- Becoming a graphic artist is another great way to land freelance work, as new businesses start up often and need to be properly branded in a professional way. For those that have a passion for visual art, this is the perfect way to monetize your passion or hobby.

4.       Freelance Writer- Have a knack for writing? Then becoming a freelance writer may be perfect for you. It can also be quite lucrative if you’re proficient and provide quality content, as websites are searching for those who can bring significant traffic to their websites.

5.       Freelance Videographer- Have a video camera and a desire to become a video director or producer? Then starting out in freelance videography can provide the groundwork for a rewarding career as a producer or documentary director. Several successful videographers have gotten their start in the freelance world, and you can too all while getting paid.