Online tutoring has become common place due to the interconnected nature of our world, with the following 3 companies being great options for those looking to get into this type of work:

1.       VIPKID English Language Education- With offices in Beijing and San Francisco, VIPKID is a company that teaches the English language to children in China. Unlike other companies, VIPKID offers on the job training by allowing you to teach a staged class before signing on as one of their certified teachers. This allows the company to get a look at you before bringing you on, and lets you see if this is the right career for you. The company pays $22 per hour at the high end and has a great reputation. You also don’t need a TEFL certification for teaching English to non-native speakers, the company has a standard curriculum that you can follow, and they offer a work environment where you can control when and how much you work.

2.       Teach Language with Education First- Education First is an online learning company that teaches language skills to children all over the world. The company pays anywhere from $12-20 per hour to teachers they employ, and there are several requirements to get a job with Education First, including doing willingness to have a background check performed, have the computer equipment necessary to teach online, have the English language as your first language, have a foreign language teacher certification for teaching the English Language (TEFL), and have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline you choose.

3.       Teach English with QKIDS- Like VIPKID, QKIDS is a company that teaches the English language to up and coming Chinese students. The company has hundreds of thousands of students that are already enrolled in their program, and you don’t have to know how to speak Chinese in order to teach at QKID. In order to be able to teach at QKIDS, you have to be able to legally work in Canada or the United States, be able to teach and operate a computer at a proficient level, having previous teaching credentials including a certification, have a degree or one that you’re currently working on, among several other requirements.