From being the ultimate performance car guy and loving cars like the ZR1 Corvette, BMW inline-six motors, to Mitsubishi Evolutions I went to being a daily rider in a tesla I must say I totally get it. This is in competition with a BMW 3 series but has the performance to go against some of the quickest cars on the planet as well.

Most people think of Model 3 as a smaller half-price version of the Model S ad X, but it really isn’t because sure it may be smaller, but it doesn’t drop quality-wise and in fact, that’s a part of Elon Musk’s plan. He wants to put great products in everyone’s hands to try to rid the world of fossil-fueled vehicles and wants to be able to whip out 500,000 Model 3’s a year.

Model 3’s are now being delivered to US customers and it’s not out of the ordinary seeing them zip through places such as California and other states. While the States are having all the fun, my buddy, Remmy is still waiting for him to come into Europe. From my understanding, it could still take Remmy at least a year to receive it.

Some people have questioned build quality with the demand being so high and from being around quite a few Model 3’s in Texas I will say that they all feel just as sturdy and well put together as my Model X.

Model 3 is a little hard to keep up with as the options changing frequently. There are two options: the entry-level single-motor vehicle that is rear-wheel drive standard and offers a 5.6sec 0-60mph time with a range of 260 miles that starts at around $35,000 including government incentives.

The other option comes with the dual-motor is an all-wheel-drive vehicle and goes 310 miles between plugin due to having a larger capacity battery. This starts at $41,200, but if you spend an extra $11,000 it comes as a Performance version, which brings a 3.3sec 0-60mph time, 155mph top speed and upgraded brakes.