Some people don’t realize how important their fico score is and I’ll be one of many that will tell you that it’s the most important three-digit numbers in your life. More and more consumers are interested in credit monitoring and keeping it high dramatically helps save you money.

My Fico Pros

The platform is simple as can be and it makes the platform amazing. You are instantly notified If a credit change has occurred. If you’re at a high-interest rate you will be notified through the app

My Fico Cons

I did a lot of digging around and I found two things I would be concerned about. The first is if you don’t cancel for the trial period you are automatically committed to a three-month subscription. Also, only 2 annual Experian reports. If you require more you must pay for them

My Fico Overall

When it comes to helping you manage your financial portfolio there’s nothing like My Fico. With all the tools provided at a small affordable fee of $14.95 per month, it gives you the ultimate protection but as I mentioned earlier you only get two annual Experian reports. My Fico usually runs free trials or you can find a $4.95 thirty day trial.

Alerts you could receive

Interest rates

  • if your interest rates are fluctuating you will be notified immediately

New credit

  • if any new type of account is opened in your name you will get instant notifications so that you can take immediate action.

Fico score- will be notified immediately if Fico score is changed.

Public Records – Bankruptcies, liens, and more are all public record. If something like this pops up on your public record, you’ll be notified.

Name Changes – If a name shows up other than yours on your credit report, they will notify you. This could be the result of a name change after marriage or divorce. However, it is also used to quickly spot identity theft and fraud.

Collections- If there’s discretion on money owed you will stay updated with what’s on your collections list.

Address and phone numbers-

If any type of phone numbers or addresses are attached to your credit report you will be notified.

This is for anyone that wants to monitor all areas on credit this is the program for you, but it’s typically for the people that have great credit or that are starting to want to focus on credit more.