Often, you may find yourself struggling to make ends meet at the end of the month and are looking for ways to make some quick cash with things you already have. Here are a few suggestions of things you probably already have sitting around the house!

  1. Sell Books. Many of us have grown up readers and try to grab a new book when we are traveling or have one ready for a slow rainy day. Having books around is great and a lot of books can be a great impulse read, but how many do you really need? Amazon and Half Price Books make it so easy to price and trade in your books for store credit or cash for books you have just lying around the house.
  2. Sell Clothes. We have all been there, we have either lost weight, gained weight, or our personal style has changed. Inevitably in the back of your closet, you will have a pile of clothes that you have not worn for quite some time. Turn those extra clothes into cash! Thrift stores have long been a place where you can go to sell or consign clothing, furniture, and antiques. With popular items, they may buy it straight away for cash however some items they may want to consign which means you will not get the credit until the item sales. Either way selling or donating your unused clothes is a great way to get some extra cash and free up closet space.
  3. If you have a child your home is probably filled with toys. With a rise in popularity of Facebook Marketplace, selling gently used kid toys is easy and quick. If you have a closet filled with toys for a younger child, its time to start looking at clearing that space and passing on the toys to younger kids who will use them. Using Facebook Marketplace you can sell locally and meet somewhere public that is convenient for both you and the buyer. Even other baby items that your family has grown out of can sell too. Things such as strollers, baby items, and old kid beds are all fast movers on the Facebook marketplace.

With a quick look around your house, you may have hundreds of dollars of items sitting around collecting dust. With a few easy clicks and pictures, you can easily convert some of these unused household items into easy cash today!