Information is critical to investing and being successful with your passive or active investment strategies than having the right mindset and the right knowledge to do so. 

For hundreds of years, the keyway information has been passed is reading books. In the modern world, it seems more and more people are skipping the book reading and consuming more entertainment and youtube videos. Clearly though if you are still into trying to improve yourself then reading the right books is the best way to not waste a second longer than you have to.  So let’s take a look at some of the best books ranked by some of the most successful investors of all time.

The Intelligent Investor: Benjamin Graham

Published in 1949 this book is a classic for investors everywhere and has impacted countless people.  It is highly recommended by hedge fund managers and many successful investors. The book has four revisions with the latest being updated in 71.

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Warren Buffett

This is a book that is comprised of letters that Buffett penned for the investors of his primary company Berkshire Hathaway, It focuses on methods and wisdom used by Buffett himself in over a 30-year span of running his company.

You can be a stock market genius” Joel Greenblatt

This book is loved for its wide range of coverage of theories of investing in; Spin-offs, Restructurings, Merger Securities, Rights Offerings, Risk Arbitrage, Bankruptcies and more.  The amount of work required to have a solid handle on all of this investment possibilities is a significant time sink, but ultimately worth your time if you are hungry for new ways to earn in the investing game.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator: Edwin Lefevre

This is the only book that is actually a fictional book.  It is a fictionalized biography based on the life of Jesse Livermore, who is considered to be a legend in the investment history books. Livermore became famous for being a key figure to have shorted the stock market before the great depression in 1929.  Throughout his career, he earned and lost millions multiple times over.

Market Wizards: Jack Schwager

If you are looking to be able to master specialized markets like commodities, equities, bonds and currencies then this book is a perfect mixture of the ingredients you will need to master to start your journey.  This book helps you focus on the skills and traits that traders need to make them successful. Skills like discipline, individual responsibility, flexibility, capital management, intellectual honesty, and consistency.