Working from home has been on the rise and is a wonderful thing. Lately, I have had conversations with some of my friends that have been making great money working for VIPKID Teaching and how they have the ability to make up to 22/hr teaching English. This is especially great for people in the education industry and stay at home parents that have kids to take care of that want to have an income.

Thousands of people are being hired by VIPKID online TeacSome questions you hing and here are some requirements to work.

  • You must have eligibility to work in the United States or Canada
  • a Bachelor’s degree in any field is required
  • formal teaching experience is required which can include things like classroom teaching, tutoring, mentoring, education assistant, etc.

Some questions you may be asking

How much does VIPKID pay

  • You get paid based on how many lessons you teach. Simply the more lessons you hold the more money you will receive
  • Direct deposits happen every 10th and 15th of every month
  • When your contract is ready to be renewed you will always be evaluated for a raise

Would you need to create your own curriculum?

  • VIPKID handles everything. Of course, you would want to go over the course materials before you give your lesson so you can be prepared for any type of questions the student may have and also you don’t want the curriculum to catch you off guard.

How many students do you teach at a time?

VIPKIDS focuses each teacher’s attention on one student at a time.

Are there limits to how long you may teach?

VIPKIDS is very flexible for their employee’s and you have the choice to work as little to many hours as you would like. It can be a part-time job or you can use it to be your main source of income as some people have made 75k a year.

How to apply to become a VIPKID employee?

You may fill out an application at www.vipkid.comand the application takes about five minutes. If you appeal to them you will be contacted for an interview with them. They tend to want to hire the best candidates so try to make yourself stand out if you’re contacted