What if I told you you could save $10,000 in twelve months? What would you do with the extra money? Would it make you sleep better at night?

For many people, it sounds more like a dream and than something that is actually attainable. It is something that takes small steps and some time to revaluate the things that we have in order for us to do it.

One way to start is by tiring the 52-week money savings challenge. The challenge is quite simple to understand, and I have done this challenge for a few years myself. In the first week, you will save $1. with each additional week, you will save an extra dollar per week. So for the second week of the year, you save $2. By the last week of the year, you will have to save $52 that week. You can put it into a savings account or a jar that you putt under your mattress.

As you start the challenge, the early weeks are elementary. It is when you reach roughly halfway through the year that it becomes harder, and you have to find ways to be more creative or change your budget. Maybe you have to adjust what you eat that week or sell a couple of things. But by the end of the year, you will have saved $1,378 just with this challenge and nothing else.

If you are someone that carries debt, one way to help is to refinance your high-interest debt. To accelerate your debt payments, the best approach is to refinance. Many times you can find a lower rate and can use that to pay off your debt much faster. Many forget about student loans and work on getting those refinanced as well.

One thing that can save you significant is cutting your cable. With so many options out there now, you might be paying for something and not utilizing it. Right now, there are so many options that are either free or low cost, and you won’t even miss it once you cut it.

How many times do you catch yourself not even watching tv but yet you are paying those $150 plus a month cable bills when you could stick to something like Netflix or Hulu and pay a much lower cost around $12.99 a month.

If you choose to cut your cable bill, make sure you negotiate your internet bill also. It’s can always be hard to wheel and deal with the company, but remember there are quite a few out there that want your business.

Ditch your high-end cell phone plan and go with a lower-cost carrier. If you live and travel within the US, check out republic wireless, or if you travel international Google Project Fi is tough to beat.

Look into your Subscriptions and see what you can cut, your gym, magazines, radio, or even clothing subscriptions that along can save you a tremendous amount of money.

As you go through all thins thing, you will see that the savings start to add up, and you are not spending on things you don’t genuinely need. I have gone through this process and was able to save over $10,000. So take a look at all the things you have and see where you can cut expenses.