Most of us have a spending problem, it is not hard to see it or to understand that it’s nearly a sickness for many, saving money is normally easier than people think as long as you take the time to find more creative ways to use the resources around you.  The no-spend challenge is a fun and neat way to get started at trying to do a better job at maximizing what you already have and already purchase on the regular.

The challenge is simple, you take a few days or weeks to push yourself not to spend anything extra beyond what is truly needed over a certain time.  Obviously you will have a keep up with gas and necessities like rent and food, but the point is to limit those purchases that we all know we don’t need.

Start with The Pantry!  Most everyone goes to the grocery store regularly and comes back with far more than what is needed, this situation normally piles up (literally in piles) over time.  This challenge can help you start digging into the things you have already bought and need to use to make sure they don’t go to waste. And don’t forget the freezer, this in combination with the pantry will make it so most people can go a whole week without needing to purchase a single thing more.  All it takes is a bit of effort and some creativity and you will have many meals that otherwise would not have made it to your plate.

Another thing you can do to help you cut back on that spending is to make a plan and list your goals. Having a clear path and understanding of what you want to achieve is always a key to a successful journey.  Things like this will help you not skip and go to fast food or the movies that you don’t really need to do. Making a list of free things to do can also be a huge benefit for you to move towards making better decisions in those clutch moments.  Some easy things include; going to the beach, playing at the park, go hiking, look for free concerts, ride a bike, clean the house, playing board games. If you prepare for it you will have a far better chance of reaching your goal in the challenge.

Remember no matter what, baby steps are better than no steps! Good luck and spend little!