Are you looking for a way to reset your budget? Maybe you just need to get yourself back on track, and you are just not sure how to make it happen.

Well, number one it will help tremendously if you stopped spending money that you don’t have and help you save money. It is critical to have a budget reset from time to time. That goes for people who budget often and those who have never tried it. If you want to take a challenge to save money, it might be the best way that you could actually save money.

If you want to have any type of long term success in saving money, the first thing you need is a plan, and in other terms, a budget. Without a budget, you have nothing to stick to. That means you can just fly by the seat of your pants, and everything will work out just fine. Well, take a look that isn’t quite working out for most people doing that.

One of the tending challenges right now is the no-spend challenge. This specific challenge can be done in many different spans of time. I never suggest that we run before we learn to walk. But you can do this for two weeks, a month, six months and I have known people to do it for a year. Now I wouldn’t suggest jumping in and doing a year but a month or less is very doable.

Now a little more on the challenge, you basically do not spend any money. Of course, you will still pay your bills but nothing extra, No eating out, no entertainment absolutely no spending money. Now how do people get through this, well some try to prepare ahead a time and going on a treat yourself a day? But what you should do is have a little cash to help in case some unexpected expenses come up during the challenge.

Another way to save money is the Pantry Challenge. How many times do you go to the grocery store and buy things you already have in the pantry, but you didn’t even know. I can tell you it happens a lot at my house. This challenge makes you use up everything you can in your pantry and freezer.

How to make this challenge work? It’s all about meal prep and working with what you have. I know some people that could easily go a month or two and still have stuff left in their freezer. My suggestion is to start with two weeks and see how far it takes you, but I would guess that you might not need to go to the store at all.

Lastly, I would say try the savings challenge. Where you pick an exact amount and time frame that you want to save that money, and you put everything you can into making the goal work out. It is incredible how many ways we can save money when we actually put a plan in place and follow through on the plan.