Saving money can be a difficult task, especially when you’re short on time. With these 4 simple money saving tips, you’ll be able to boost your bank account without an additional drain on your time.

1.       Check the weekly ads- Now we’re not talking about looking at ads for clothing or electronics stores which would promote unnecessary spending, but checking the ads for your local grocery stores. You can get the handy app called Flipp, which gives you the weekly ads of all of the major stores around you, which can be helpful if you’ve already saved money by canceling your newspaper subscription.

2.       Make a budget and keep track of it- As the saying goes, “have a plan, or plan to fail”. This holds true in many things, including personal finance. The best way to plan for your financial future is to have a budget that you keep track of each month. One of the best ways to keep track of your budget is through a service like Mint, which allows you to gather together all of your bank and credit card transactions in one interface that is easy to view, and includes a budget viewing tool that is easy to use.

3.       Get rid of your gym membership- Many who join a gym do so at the beginning of the year, and only go for a few weeks to try to satisfy their New Years Resolution. Often times they quickly realize their folly, but feel trapped by the gym’s restrictive contract. To save money, cancel your gym membership and buy some home gym equipment instead. There are plenty of workout plans online, and you can even have your own personal trainer through the many Youtube fitness channels.

4.       Shop on Amazon- Online shopping has become more popular than ever, mainly for the fact that online shopping is often cheaper than purchasing in the store. This doesn’t get you off the hook from comparing prices, but Amazon is often cheaper than most retailers, even after you pay for your annual Amazon Prime membership. You even get Amazon Prime Video with your membership, which can help you save on your monthly cable bill.