It can be hard to find a side hustle as an introvert, as so many side hustles require providing a personal service to others. But with the disruptive power of the internet, you can enjoy these 4 introvert-friendly side hustles:

1.       Write an eBook- One of the most introverted tasks one can do is to write an eBook. Simply take a subject that you’re passionate about or have a solid grasp of, and start writing in a Microsoft Word Document. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the eBook, be sure to write an eBook that will help solve a problem that is common for the general public. This will lead to high sales numbers which will boost your profitability.

2.       Use your camera- Many who are introverts love to be in nature, and many others love the solitary pursuit of landscape photography. If I’m describing you, consider taking your love for the outdoors or photography and putting it to work for your bank account. Simply take pictures of what you see and license them for reuse. With the technology of your phone the access to this side hustle is easier than ever.

3.       Listen to music- As an introvert myself, one thing I love is to sit back with a cup of coffee and listen to my favorite music. Little did I know that this could become a side hustle. Thanks to the website called SlicethePie, I’m able to turn my passion into something that produces cash flow in a non-intrusive way. If you’ve been looking for a simple way to make money that doesn’t involve dealing with people, then you’re in luck with this side hustle.

4.       Start writing a blog- Do you feel like you have an interesting perspective to offer or a routine that others would be interested in? Then consider writing a blog and publicizing it via social media. You’ll want to make sure your blog will attract and retain viewership, but be sure to stay true to yourself in the process. With the availability and accessibility of social media to everyone across the globe, it’s become easier than ever to connect, which will surely help you take your blog to the next level.