Working from home has become all the rage, so dive into this possibility by exploring these 4 careers that allow you to eliminate your commute:

1.       Social Media Marketing- When it comes to marketing on Social Media, many small family-owned businesses and even mid-sized businesses are unaware of how the game is played. These companies need someone who knows the social media landscape, which can provide a great opportunity for those who are social media savvy. There are several online course options that will show you the ropes, including how to acquire customers and how to market your customers and their products on social media.

2.       Edit Legal Documents from Home- You may not have known that this was a thing, but there is a market for those who are willing to edit legal documents, and it provides a great opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. This concept is called Scoping, and as with any skill these days there is an online course that will teach you how to do it. Scoping can lead to a solid income, so check out this unexpected way to work from home.

3.       Become a Bookkeeper- The world always has and will always need accountants and bookkeepers, and now there are opportunities that allow accountants and bookkeepers to work from home. There are several bloggers who have made the transition from the corporate world of accounting to doing it as a freelance business, which is a welcome sign for those in the accounting profession.

4.       Become a Content Creator- The internet has introduced us to many new ways of making an income, and content creation is certainly one of those that has taken the world by storm. It’s easy to see why when you see Youtubers making millions of dollars from Youtube ad revenue, and Instagram influencers whose followings allow them to make large sums of money. Content creation is equal parts art and science, and it obviously pays off when you do it right. Other methods of content creation include freelance writing and blogging, so dive right into the content creation space and see which niche you can best capitalize on.