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Everything you need to know about selling furniture online

Whether you make furniture, retail or resell it, the internet could be the perfect marketplace for you. You could sell furniture online and capture a market that a local furniture shop could not access in a million years.  The larger furniture and home furnishings industry is quickly gaining traction online. As such, getting into e-commerce and focusing on the furniture niche would be a winning bet.

What do you need to sell furniture online?

Selling furniture online is no different from any other e-commerce venture. You need an online presence, furniture items, and traffic of potential buyers. For an online presence, it is best to use a combination of marketplaces such as Amazon and Etsy as well as your own e-commerce website. This increases the chances of buyers finding your sale items especially if you are new to e-commerce.

Getting visitors to a new website takes time. It will take some time for Google to rank your site high and for online shoppers to know and trust it. As such you will need more than one sales portal preferably one with an existing high flow of traffic. 

Top websites on which to sell furniture online

  • Craigslist
  • Amazon
  • Krrb
  • Chairish

Steps for setting up a website to sell furniture

 If you are planning on setting up a website for the business, consider the following steps:

1.    Buy a memorable domain name

The domain name you buy will be the name of your website so you should find a name that is catchy and easy to remember. It is advisable, to begin with buying a domain name before you register your business. You can never be sure if your preferred business name is available when you do a domain search. It would not look well to have a domain name that does not match with your business name. Find out the qualities of a good domain name before making your purchase. For example, you could opt for a .furniture domain extension if your goal is to sell furniture online.

furniture online


Domain name

2.    Build a complete e-commerce website that sells furniture

You need to build an e-commerce website not just an ordinary website with listed items and prices. An e-commerce site must have payment gateways to accept different kinds of payments, the ability to calculate shipping costs and an SSL certificate to protect sensitive customer information.

Some e-commerce solutions today offer a complete package with everything from a shopping cart to a credit card processing system. They also have various plugins and templates for e-commerce functionality. You can use them to build a complete e-commerce shop to run your online furniture business.

3.    Make use of furniture website templates to fill your shop with incredible product photos and descriptions

The next step after building your online store is launching it. Before you launch, however, conduct adequate research about the setup of an online furniture shop. You can study other online furniture businesses to learn how they have set up their shops. A common characteristic of successful online shops is quality product photos and descriptive text. Online shoppers rely on these to make shopping decisions since they do not come into physical contact with the products before purchase. As such, you should make sure that the photos you take of your furniture and the description of its qualities and notable features give a true portrayal of what you are offering.

While choosing an e-commerce solution, you ought to find out if it can accommodate the needs of your online store.  An ideal e-commerce solution should have an abundant selection of furniture website templates that you can choose from. It should have clean and striking professionally created themes that are and fully customizable to allow you to make any changes to your online store.

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